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Institutional customers appoint one or more administrators who will have specific rights. Administrators can download usage statistics and metadata (free of charge) and set specific parameters that modify the display of beck-eLibrary.DIE FACHBIBLIOTHEK within the institution. The publisher is entitled to amend these administrative rights at its discretion, however, a limitation of these administrative rights is possible only after allowing institutional customers reasonable time to comment on the proposed changes. Institutional customers are allowed to import all metadata provided through beck-eLibrary.DIE FACHBIBLIOTHEK into both their own catalogues as well as catalogues of affiliated institutions (e.g. consortia). Concurrent usage of the same items by different users of the same institution is possible without limitation. Systematic downloading or printing of whole works, even if spread over multiple user sessions, is not permitted. Until 30th June 2020 there is an unlocked offer for ebooks by Bloomsbury. InfoGuide: show all Nomos e-books in InfoGuide. Enrolled students and staff may use the Off-Campus-Access interface to log on to the University network.

Some content on the beck-eLibrary.DIE FACHBIBLIOTHEK, labeled as „Open Access publication“, is accessible to anybody in full text. This content is subject to the Creative Commons-Licence BY-NC-ND 3.0, i.e. it may be downloaded, stored, printed and shared. If such content is forwarded to anybody, it has to be done with full citation – in particular including the following information: beck-eLibrary (inkl. Vahlen) / Titelliste WISOBeltz E-Books / Titelliste StabiCambridge University Press / Titelliste WISOCampus E-Books / Titelliste WISODe Gruyter E-Books (inkl. u. a. Oldenbourg) / Titelliste WISOEdward Elgar E-Book Archive (Business, Economics, 1993-2017) (Nationallizenz) / TitellisteElgaronline / Titelliste WISOElsevier Handbooks in Economics Series (Nationallizenz)Hanser eLibrary / Titelliste WISOKohlhammer E-Books / Titelliste WISOOxford Handbooks Online / Titelliste WISOOxford Scholarship Online / Titelliste WISORoutledge Handbooks Online / Titelliste WISOSpringer Reference Work / Titelliste WISOWorld Scientific Books / Titelliste WISO Bei Ebook Central müssen Sie sich immer mit Goethecard- bzw. Bibliotheksausweisnummer und Ihrem Bibliothekspasswort anmelden. Dies ist unabhängig davon, ob Sie von einem Rechner aus dem Universitätsnetz oder von zu Hause auf Ebook Central zugreifen wollen. Brauche ich ADE, wenn ich bereits einen Adobe Reader oder Adobe Acrobat auf meinem Computer installiert habe? Ja. Der Adobe Reader kann keine eBooks downloaden und anzeigen, sondern eignet sich als Viewer zum Anzeigen von PDFs.

Adobe Digital Editions wurde jedoch speziell für die Anzeige und Verwaltung von eBooks im ePub-Format entwickelt und stellt Anwendern somit eine übersichtliche und intuitive Leseumgebung zur Verfügung.